Ramesh B. Weeratunga and John Vaughan co-wrote 3 songs, A Doorway In Norway, Looking At The World Through A Seashell, Baggage Of Blasphemy on his 2009 CD This Is - Bluebird Café Berlin Records


Robert Williams performed two songs he co-wrote with John Vaughan, Hillbilly Love Triangle, Jumbo's Clown Room (new version) on his 2007 CD Walking Home - Bluebird Café Berlin Records


Robert Williams performed four songs he co-wrote with John Vaughan, State Secrets, Buffalo Billy, Basic Italian & Remembering You on his 2004 CD State Secrets - Ordnung&Hartmann Records


Jamestown Ferry performed Me And Whiskey on their 2003 CD If I Needed You - Cross Eyed Lion Records 


Grajeda & Williams performed Live From Jumbo's Clown Room - co-written by Robert Williams & John Vaughan on their 2000 CD Staytrue Street - Ordnung&Hartmann Records


Tudor Lodge performed Sundown Waker on their 1998 CD It All Comes Back - US/Scenescof - and on their 1980 reunion concert


John Vaughan performes on Jasmine Bonnines 1979 LP Keine Angst - Pläne Verlag Dortmund


John Vaughan performes on Jürgen von der Lippes 1978 LP Nicht am Bär packen - Phillips


John Vaughan performes on Pannach und Kunerts 1978 LP Pannach und Kunert - CBS


John Vaughan performes on Newsics 1978 LP Newsic - Ariola


John Vaughan performes on Jesse Ballards 1977 LP Livin' like fire - Full Moon Records, Remastered 1998 Calyx Berlin