John Vaughan - CD "Rhapsody From Sixth Avenue"


It is surely more than serendipity that John Vaughan's magnificent new album Rhapsody from Sixth Avenue came out on the 40th anniversary of the Beatles White Album - the variety and complexity of musical experimentation and production techniques (superbly led by Ramesh Weeratunga), the quixotic switches from ballad to reggae, guitar solo to Joe Kucera's haunting soprano saxophone, weeping guitar solos to Richard de Bastion's marvelous piano all show an artist tipping his hat to his heroes of yesterday while at the same time, in Rainy Day in Liverpool saying what feels like his farewell to his boyhood heroes on a pilgrimage to his musical Mecca.
And so to the songs - an exhilarating mixture of styles and themes - nostalgia, rain and mortality, mixing it up with upbeat themes of optimism summed up by "In the End" - - yet instead of "The love you take being equal to the love you make", we have instead here the fatalism of "In the end it really makes no difference, you always end up where you're going to be". And here is the lie exposed - John Vaughan has made a great difference, to a great many people, and his new album shouts out his artistic talent from the rooftops of Sixth Avenue back through time to the long-empty balconies of Hagelberger Street. Rhapsody sublime - The Notting Hill Gazette hails a masterpiece.

The Notting Hill Gazette (James Cortenay) London UK




Acoustic and electric guitars:

John Vaughan, Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Andy Reimer, Jon Shaw, Frank Dietz

Basses: Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Ingo Bischof, Jens Tröndle, H. D. Lorenz
Pianos, Keyboards, Organ, Spinet, Mellotron, String arrangements: Ingo Bischof, Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Richard de Bastion, Jens Tröndle, Andres Koslik
Drums: Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Rolo Rodriguez, Wolfgang Tierfeldt
Percussion, Tabla: Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Christian Wasdaris, Tommy Goldschmidt, 
Lead vocals, harmony vocals: John Vaughan, Simone Reifegerste, Prabath Rupasinghe, Ramesh B. Weeratunga
Backing vocals: John Vaughan, Ilka Posin, Claudia Gerth, Simone Reifegerste, Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Ron Randolf, Prabath Rupasinghe, 
Horns, Trombones, Trumpets, Saxes, Clarinets: Gerald Meier, Mathias Lauschus, Skip Reinhart, Joe Kucera, 
Singing Saw: Katharina Bek
Barking: Ramesh's neighbors dogs
Cat Snoring: Kitty Cat
Dialogues, voices, :

John Vaughan, Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Lightning Buck, 

Programming, Soundscapes, Samples: Ramesh B. Weeratunga, 
John Vaughan - CD "Postcards From The Road"


POSTCARDS FROM THE ROAD is wunderbar! Masterful story telling lyrics, inspired music, flawless execution, and stellar production. A classy album…smart and fresh. Entirely original sound! Some highlights…

“State Secrets”…Love this brisk waltz---full of mystery and intrigue. I was impressed at every turn. Just when I could predict the chord sequence you’d surprise me with new chord movements over the lyrics, “who are these ambassadors of fun”/ “groove loons in the night”/and on the chorus, “please keep the state secrets hid”---very clever.

Brilliant guitar/mandolin unison!!! Every note…PERFECT.

John, your lyrics are stunning! I appreciate the craft/time involved. Great imagery! Are you sure this is your 2nd language?! Frightening to think what you’re capable of in your native tongue!

“When The Shadows Fly Away”…Totally seduced by this charmer (: Lush, playful chord changes. Sincere vocal and endearing lyric. Clever instrumental section! Delicious jazz piano, lounge tones and Sergio Mendes vocals. Paradise!

“Sikinos Island”…A lovely snapshot. A McCartney moment (:

“The Ghosts Of Marrakech”…A gripping, haunting narrative that rhymes seemingly without effort. “They disappear but they’re not gone”/nice verbal hook...great platform to build upon. Jack Kerouac meets Rod Serling.

“Deep In A Dream”…A collage of scattered, but well defined images with blurry interpretations…just like a dream (:

“Anthem for Kreuzberg”…Powerful soundtrack to this tragic tale. Brilliant artistry at work! The perfect sonic landscape for this compelling story. Potent change of scenery during the funky, urban section…your vocal delivery emphasizing the glib reaction. An ambitious story, John. WOW!

“Poolhall in Rangoon”…thanks for the tip (;

“Nitecap”…Love it!

Lastly, SENSATIONAL speaking voice.

John the master storyteller! Thank you for the lovely postcards...

Phyllis Johnson (USA)

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Acoustic and electric guitars: John Vaughan, Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Bob Williams, Jon Shaw
Basses: H. D. Lorenz, Ramesh B. Weeratunga
Pianos, Keyboards, Organ, Spinet, Mellotron, String arrangements: Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Ingo Bischof, Sebastian Demmin, Andreas Koslik
Drums: Ramesh B. Weeratunga

Percussion, Tabla: Ramesh B. Weeratunga
Lead vocals, harmony vocals: John Vaughan
Backing vocals: Ramesh B. Weeratunga, Ron Randolf, Jesse Ballard, Tamara, Erci Ergun, Vassili Vegas, Maureen Cavanaugh
Dialogues, voices: John Vaughan, Petra Yvette Sharp
Programming, Soundscapes, Samples: Ramesh B. Weeratunga, 
Dolki: Nimal Susin
Dobro: Steve Miller
Chello: Metin Hakan, Engin Kutlu
Violin: Yasemin Yologlu
Anatolian Harp: Gülbahar Cinar
Egyptian Horn: Joseph Zoni
Fuzz Clarinet: Izzet Demir
Pool Player: Eddie Sharp, Bubba Reece
Bandoneon: Sebastian Demmin
Accordeon: Jörg Strassberger
Low Whistle: Ian Melrose
High hat cymbal:Bob Howell

John Vaughan - CD "Somewhere In Europe"

A truly "classic", Mid 70's, singer songwriter CD. Recorded in "Cold War" West Berlin, these songs beautifully capture the lives and the times of people and places back then. The original LP had 12 tracks and this re-issue CD also features 8 Bonus Tracks.
John Vaughan is a fellow military brat who also lived in Heidelberg, Germany in the late sixties and did something many of us dreamed of-stay and live in Germany! His songs are about his life in Berlin and hippy times in Crete. Most albums have a couple of good tunes and the rest is worthless but all the songs on both albums are great!

Greig Lewis (USA)

Acoustic and electric guitars:

John Vaughan, Steve Miller, John Shanahan, Lyndon Green
Klaus Weiland, Christof Deschner, Jon Shaw, Arnim Scheffler
John Thomas, Bobby Feldman, Hans Grossmann

Lap steel guitar and dobro: Steve Miller
Bass guitar: H. D. Lorenz, Steve Miller, Dave Taylor, John Shaw
Keyboards: Jim Whittemore, Henry Hirsch, Ralf Vornberger
Danny Deutschmark, Reinhold Sobota, John Shaw
Drums: Chris Evans, Bob Howell, Conny Bomarius, Joe Huebner
John Mernit, "Philadelphia" Dave Crome, Benny Basher
Percussion: Tommy Goldschmidt, Jesse Ballard, Bob Howell
Jim Whittemore, Chris Evans, Aris Papageorgiou
Tenor saxophone: Joe Kucera
Harmonica: Francis Serafini, Panos Katsimichas
Bouzouki: Haris Katsimichas
Cello: Joerg Suckow
Mandolin: Dag Westling
Background vocals: Shelley Beal, Chris Parsons, Jesse Ballard, Ron Randolf
Dave Taylor, Lyndon Green, Christof Deschner, Steve Miller
John Thomas, Jim Whittemore, Haris Katsimichas
Panos Katsimichas, Aris Papageorgiou