Photos Of The 1960s


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1961 - John's sister Victoria graduated from highschool with Jim Morrison


My wife Petra, and her father Rudi, on the balcony of their apartment in West Berlin in the Wedding district, 1962. The buildings in the background are in East Berlin. Growing up in the shadow of The Berlin Wall!


1962 Bermuda.


Frankfurt, Germany Nov. 1968. Backstage with Frank Zappa.


With high school bandmate Skiles Kelly. Heidelberg, Germany 1968.


Spring 1969. The sun comes up on a young acoustic guitarist.


1966. First high school band, "The Y-IV."


First "live" gig! Valentines Day Dance, Feb. 1967. We got paid 20 dollars! Heidelberg High School auditorium.


Second high school band, "A Beautiful Day", summer 1968. Skiles Kelley on lead guitar and Brett Leavenworth on drums and vocals.


Christmas in London, England 1968.


Fred’s Gasthaus, Heidelberg 1967.


1968 Teen Club Dance, Patrick Henry Village.


Feb. 1967. I loved my Höfner "Beatle Bass" guitar !!


On stage 1968.


1969, "Watching The Wheels Go Round".


"Hey Man, you got a weed?" Behind the Teen Club PHV, summer 1967.


"A Beautiful Day" performing in Würzburg, Germany. Our band was together for two years, 1967 and 1968. During that time we played well paid gigs almost every Friday and Saturday night. An evening consisted of playing 4 x 45 min. sets. We played Teen Club Dances in practically every U.S. Army and Air Force base in West Germany. Great years and great stage experience!!


On Stage 1968.


With Donovan in Frankfurt, Dec. 1968. Donovan was a huge influence on me in my early days. I loved his music and guitar playing. Meeting him for the first time back then was a fantastic experience!!



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